Love Notes From My Boudie Babes

Jessica G.

"After seeing the way you captured my essence so well, I wanted to share them with everyone and inspire other women. I had to stop myself from putting them all over my social media because I didn't want my grandma want to see my butt without warning.

This experience was so liberating; to see my beauty through someone's eyes and in a way that wasn’t objectified but appreciated. As a larger sized woman in a body that is often shamed for every roll, you were able to capture me in a way that made me fully appreciate all imperfections. I hope my words gently push other women to book this life changing experience.”

- Katrina P. 

“This was my first time doing anything like this so I was very anxious coming into the session. Lynna was always cheering me on and reminding me that my feelings were valid and that I looked amazing.

If you're ever having a hard time, she is a great listener, able to adapt the session to fit your capability, and great about taking breaks when need be."

“This shoot allowed me to love my body even more and view myself in a positive light. I was quite nervous, but Lynna made my experience 10x better.

She created a safe space in order for me to feel confident and comfortable within my skin, and offered the most laughable and memorable shoot that I could ask for.”

- Vicky P.

Trinity N.

“Crying over how Lynna captured me!! For the last 4 years, I've felt like a ‘frumpy mom’ since my daughter was born. This experience made me feel more than “just a mom” again. I was so nervous going into the session, but Lynna felt like a friend I've known my entire life and I was able to easily relax.

I've already convinced all my friends to book with Lynna since I received my photos, and this is something I hope everyone does at least once in their lifetime. Thank you Lynna!”

- Alyssa A. 

“Think no further and just book your session. Your future self will thank you for it!” 

“THE. BEST. EXPERIENCE. EVER. If I could give Lynna a million stars/awards/kudos I would. This experience was nothing short of amazing and the results were absolutely gorgeous.

Lynna made me feel like a whole VS model throughout our time shooting together. I didn't walk into this experience entirely confident, but Lynna knew exactly how to make me feel comfortable, bold and at my most beautiful throughout. Her talent is unmatched and I'm so grateful I got to know and work with her."

- Alexa N.

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